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Policy Inspector Featured in Insurance Industry Expert Steve Anderson's 'TechTips' Newsletter

February 7, 2014

Insurance industry technology expert Steve Anderson featured Policy Inspector in the latest edition of his popular newsletter "TechTips." In the piece he discusses his struggles with finding lost policies for his own clients, and the lack of online tools to find them. Sadly, he was not alone. For years life insurance agents had no good answer to give families who lost their loved ones - and their policies. That was, until he found Policy Inspector. Click here to hear more about Steve Anderson's "TechTips," and how Policy Inspector helped him find his clients' lost policies. 


What Would You Do With an Extra $2,000 From an Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy?

March 26, 2013

In a down economy, folks could use every little bit of extra money they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, winning the lottery hasn’t gotten any easier. So where can families look for that extra boost? It turns out finding your unexpected windfall may be easier than you thought. Consumer Reports this year released an interesting study which found over $1 billion in unclaimed life insurance policies sitting at insurance companies across America. You heard me right – that’s billion with a “B.” With an average value of more than $2,000, an unclaimed life insurance policy just may be the ticket you need to financial security.


Tips from the Inspector # 3: Finding an Unclaimed or Lost Insurance Policy by Contacting Your State Insurance Department

January 4, 2013

We’re back with our third installment in our multi-part ‘Tips from the Inspector’ series, educating you on how to locate your loved one’s lost life insurance policies. Last time around, we discussed how you can find useful information about an unclaimed policy by contacting your loved one’s former employers. In our first installment, we showed how find a lost policy by searching their financial records. For this installment, we’ll teach an even easier strategy for tracking down your lost claims: contact your state insurance department. Every state across the country has an insurance department, so learning how to contact them is as simple as a quick Google search.

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