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At Policy Inspector, we believe that no lost life insurance or annuity policy should be left unclaimed. Our mission is to cut through the insurance company red tape and connect you with the policy claim you deserve. There are billions in unclaimed policies sitting on insurance company books throughout the country. The only question is, how much is your share?

With over 500 of the nation’s largest insurance companies contacted per Policy Inspection, Policy Inspector is the most comprehensive lost policy search on the market. For a flat fee of just $119, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s gift to you will end up where it belongs—in your family’s pocket.

Founded by 35-year insurance industry veteran Philip Bongiorno and partner Cory Bythrow, Policy Inspector has the experience necessary to navigate the dizzying world of insurance claims. We put these decades of expertise into every search to ensure that you locate the life insurance or annuity policy that your loved one left for you.

So what are you waiting for? It’s your inheritance. Find your lost policy today!



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The Policy Inspector contacts 500 insurance companies on your behalf, locating unclaimed life & annuity policies for you or your loved ones, all for a one-time low cost of $119.

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Every Inspection Covers:

Over 500 Insurance Companies

FREE: Unclaimed Veterans' Ins.

FREE: Unclaimed Pensions

Hear From Our Clients

"Thank you for helping me locate the life insurance policy on my deceased mother, even though 30 years had passed from the time of her death to this claim. I was not only able to receive the full benefit but also interest that accrued from the time of her passing. Your professionalism and persistence is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend your service to others. Thank you!"

-Jeannette B